The Sky This Month – May 2012

For the sky watchers out there we will be experiencing some rare activity in the night sky in the month of May. As we have been seeing all year Venus will continue to put on a show for us but in case you hadn’t heard we will also be heading through the comet trail of Hailey’s Comet so keep an eye out for that. If you want to know more about what to look for this month please visit this terrific reference for the night sky.

Night Sky May 2012

The Sky This Month – May 2012.

Venus makes an apparent dive for the Sun this month, Saturn puts on its best show in years, and Earth passes through the debris stream of Halley’s Comet causing the best meteor shower of the year for southern hemisphere observers. All this and more in the sky this month…

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Bumblebee Gecko


Bumblebee Gecko

The latest buzz in the reptile world is a new “bumblebee” gecko species discovered in Papua New Guinea.

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Where to Stay, Eat, and Play in America’s Best Mountain Towns

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When the lifts shut down in America’s mountain towns, out come the flip-flops, microbrews, and inner tubes. For a real recharge this summer, spend some time at our favorite high-altitude hotels, restaurants, and outfitters.
by Robert Earle Howells

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Hotel Bristol
With its downtown setting and Old West flavor, the Hotel Bristol is like walking into a Zane Grey novel.

Sweetwater Grill
The owners of the Sweetwater Grill used lottery winnings to create their dream restaurant on the banks of the Yampa River. Fresh local fare with ethnic flourishes.

Steamboat Flyfisher
When a world-class river flows through town, you’ve got to toss it a fly. A half-day float trip will set you back $325.

For details on MJ-endorsed hotels, restaurants, and outfitters in Truckee, California, click here.

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