Rain sends bees indoors, not out mining flowers for nectar | Park Rapids Enterprise | Park Rapids, Minnesota

Welcome back to the Beehive. Here are a few more interesting bee facts. Then we will talk about the weather and what it is doing to the bees and lastly, I will mention another little incident, which happened since the last time I wrote. Oh, and for those of you that read the last column, the queen came back and she is laying eggs like a state fair blue ribbon champion.

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New Rules Proposed For Chickens, Bees

Savannah and Chatham County officials soon could loosen restrictions on backyard chickens and bees. Local and organic food advocates say, the proposal would clear up confusion about what’s legal and put healthier and beter tasting eggs and honey in local diets.

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Social Intervention And Prx6 Protein Helps Bees Reverse Brain Aging


Older honey bees halt and even reverse the effects of brain aging when they are given roles typically handled by younger bees. This has led researchers to suggest that that social interventions may be as valuable as drugs for dealing with age-related

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Adopt A Hive – The Danford’s Adopt The Fern Colony

Los Altos Honey Bees

Last Friday Becci emailed me regarding adopting a hive. She’s a second year beekeeper but haven’t had much luck with overwintering her bees last year. She wanted an established FERAL colony instead of “commercial bees” and through a little online research she found our website. Becci and her parents came over this past weekend to chat about bees and beekeeping and I was amazed that our thoughts and beekeeping practices are very similar. Becci wanted to go foundationless, no queen excluder, and be completely treatment and chemical free like our practices. This is going to make mentoring her and her family much easier. And the beauty of it is they only live about 5 minutes away from my place! 🙂

Thanks Danford’s for adopting this booming colony!

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The Sky This Month – May 2012

For the sky watchers out there we will be experiencing some rare activity in the night sky in the month of May. As we have been seeing all year Venus will continue to put on a show for us but in case you hadn’t heard we will also be heading through the comet trail of Hailey’s Comet so keep an eye out for that. If you want to know more about what to look for this month please visit this terrific reference for the night sky.

Night Sky May 2012

The Sky This Month – May 2012.

Venus makes an apparent dive for the Sun this month, Saturn puts on its best show in years, and Earth passes through the debris stream of Halley’s Comet causing the best meteor shower of the year for southern hemisphere observers. All this and more in the sky this month…

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