Things to Keep in Mind in Bee Removal


Jerry Newman

Disturbing a bee hive would probably be the last thing on most people’s mind if the prospect of getting rid of it is a problem most especially when these bees are of the Africanized kind which is most commonly known as the killer bees. Bee removal could be done by anyone who knows what to do around angry groups of swarming bees or help could be called for from the experts are who are always on call when hives need to be professionally eliminated. Honeys have been of great importance in many fields these days and bees too play an important role in our ecosystem. But there are appropriate places most fitting for a bee hive to reside in. It is important to note that bees can be rather aggressive when disturbed, when a person wants to get rid of a certain bee hive it is most advised not to resort to throwing rocks or anything toward their habitat or spraying anything when they are flocking around their area, attempts to get them away may just lead to getting stings.

It is also imperative to get individuals away from these bees if they are allergic to stings because some allergies may lead to serious symptoms such as swelling on the area where it was stung, difficulty in breathing, and tightness of throat that in such cases the person should be given proper first aid or the encounter may just be fatal to the victim. The best time to try to do away with bees at home is to know when they are just to set in, this way there are beekeepers to do just the job without asking for payment. Bee removal of this kind goes for the queen bee and some other bees on a box designed to keep them safe and protected. Some beekeepers are also interested in doing the work even if hives have already been set up by the bees, but most of the time experts at the removal of this hives are most available. Typically, this kind of work is made through the night because by then most of the bees are already within the hive, and removing them along with their honeys would be easy enough. It is vital to also get the honeys out of the way because its presence could attract a lot more pests after removing the hive. Some recommends painting the area in which the bee hive had been attached with a light blue color because they say that the bees would see it as the color of the sky if ever it comes back to reestablish their home.

But as this may be just an old man’s tale it may help a lot to consult the experts. Others who may attempt to remove the bees all by themselves should go to a hardware store where they would find some chemicals designed to fight those aggressive swarms. There are also smokers that may induce calm to the bees in order to remove them properly and safely from the property. Bee removal is a tricky business; therefore it is always vital to obtain knowledge of such endeavors before taking it all by your own hands.

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