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Greetings from Geneva.  Below is a collection of my recent favorite finds in the blogosphere and beyond.  I’m hoping to make this a regular feature on my site.  Now excuse me while I dodge rain drops and eat Toblerone for breakfast.

  • A vibrant, engaging rundown of the “coolest hood” in Cartagena (Getsemani), by Rainbow Nelson, founder of This Is Cartagena.  I highly recommend This Is Cartagena for anything you need to know about visiting this magical city.  This virtual guide book is chock-full of amazing historical facts, recommendations on where to eat and stay, and stunning photos.   I desperately hope they start expanding to cover other cities in South America (and hire me, cough cough).
  • Thirdeyemom explores stunning Antigua, Guatemala.
  • I heart Φωτογραφία, thank you for sparking memories of Thessaloniki.
  • Check out these animated/manipulated archival photos from fluxmachine.   Be patient, hold your gaze, and…

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